Sectional warp beam


The kit consists of 4 wooden beams with holes drilled for metal loops, that divide the beam into 1 inch (25 mm) or 2 inch sections. The beams are attached with screws directly into the regular warp beam and the metal loops are inserted into the holes.
In sectional warping, you wind and beam on at the same time. With sectional warping it is necessary to use a tension box. Our tension box has a shed maker, revolution counter, adjustable tension dowel to control the amount of tension, two reeds to control the width of the warp, and an extension to place the threads at the correct width on the beam. Sectional warping is especially convenient for long warps and very fine threads.


Item No Loom width
3521000 100 cm (39″)
3521200 120 cm (47″)
3521500 150 cm (59″)
3521600 160 cm (63″)