Glimåkra Emilia


A folding, portable rigid heddleloom that comes in two widths. Emilia is made of birch. It comes completely assambled and has a weaving width of 34 cm (13.5″) or 48 cm (18″). Three sizes of heddle reeds, 30/10 (8 per inch), 40/10 (10 per inch) and 50/10 (12 per inch) are available.
Included are: a rigid heddle reed, 1 flat shuttle, a warping peg, 2 clamps, sley hook, threading needle and weaving instructions.

Second heddle brackets and a nicely made cloth carry case with an embroided logo is also available for the Emilia.


Weav. widthTable space
35 cm (13.5″)50×62 cm
50 cm (18″)65×62 cm