In everything we do we try to act in the best interest of the world’s environment. Our products mainly consist of the natural raw material wood making our impact on the environment very limited. We only used wood from certified sustainable forests and as much as possible we buy only FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified wood, i.e. wood from forest owners who set off a certain part of their forests to untouched natural reserves. We do not use tropical hardwoods nor pirated lumber.

In addition, other raw materials that we use are natural. For example, the binding material for our reeds is still tar, which has also been proved the best and most endurable material. Also our lacquers and paints are environmentally friendly, water-based and without lead. We try hard to design weaving equipment that does not rely on plastics or petro-chemical compounds.

The electrical energy we use is produced in one of the many hydro-electirc power plants that we have in our Dalarna landscape. Our factory is heated with residual wood from our own manufacturing that we safely burn in our own boiler. We believe in recycling. (We are considering a program to recycle used Glimakra looms, for example)

Hand weaving is an ancient craft that gives people tranquillity and the satisfaction of creating beautiful things using only durable and sustainable resources. A Glimåkra loom is made to last generations and it will from both manufacturing and production that is in tune with weavers as well as with nature and the environment.

Last but not least, we support our workers and the little village in which they live. Our factory is placed in a beautiful but sparsely populated part of Sweden. By keeping our factory in Oxberg, Glimakra offers employment opportunities and contributes to keeping our little village alive and thriving. That is also a part of our environmental commitment.

Sist men inte minst ligger vår fabrik i en vacker men glest befolkad bygd. Genom att vara kvar och verka i Oxberg och erbjuda arbetstillfällen där bidrar Glimåkra till att hålla bygden levande vilket också är en del i vårt miljöarbete.