The company

GAV Glimåkra AB

(formerly AB Gunnar Anderssons Vävskedsfabrik) started in 1926 with reeds as the initial product. For several hundred years, reed making has been concentrated in an area northwest of Mora, in central Sweden. Gunnar Anderssons was a part of this long tradition.

Over the years, the production has expanded to include high quality looms and weaving equipment known and used worldwide.

kartaThe owners

In December 2006 GAV was purchased by Bengt Jonasson and PeO Dungel.
Bengt is an engineer specialized in industrial wood working and has for many years worked as consultant for Ikea suppliers all over the world.
PeO is a lawyer and has worked internationally for almost twenty years. PeO worked for Ikea world-wide for eight years based in London. They are committed to maintaining the quality and tradition of the Company.

Since 2016 Bengt Jonasson is the sole owner of the Company.

The name

To capitalize on the well known name Glimåkra, to avoid name confusion and to give tribute to the oldest brand name, Gunnar Anderssons Vävskedsfabrik, the name of the company has now been changed to GAV Glimåkra AB. It is a combination of the best of both.

The factory

The factory is placed in the picturesque village of Oxberg in Dalarna, Sweden.
The very first factory was built in 1926, a wooden building, and was placed some
distance away from the present location, though still in the village of Oxberg.
The present factory was originally built 1950 and has since been expanded at different
times to the size it has today. This is today the only factory in Europe that manufactures
a complete range of looms, reeds, shuttles and other weaving equipment.



Reedmaking – a Handcraft

Historically, farming didn´t provide enough to feed the families near Mora, Sweden. So in the wintertime the men of the region travelled around Sweden and Norway making and selling reeds. They carried the materials and the necessary tools in a knapsack and left home.
The wooden parts of the reeds had been made at home. The work of making the reeds was then done on location during their journeys. For several hundred years now, reed making has been concentrated to an area northwest of Mora, in central Sweden.

The handcraft becomes an industry

In 1926 Gunnar Andersson bought his first reed-making machine and started the limited company Gunnar Anderssons Vävskedsfabrik AB, GAV. Vävsked is Swedish for reed. Soon thereafter they developed into making other weaving tools such as temples, shuttles, umbrella swifts, bobbin winders etc.
“- Just come with your wishes and drawings and we will make it”, Gunnar Andersson would have said.


In 1950 the two entrepreneurs Lennart Persson and Yngve Nilsson started Glimåkra Vävstolsfabrik (loom making factory) in the small town of Glimåkra in the south of Sweden. 1975 this company was bought by one of the larger groups of companies in Sweden, the Bonnier Group. With the international network of a major group of companies, Glimåkra became an internationally well known brand name in the weaving world. The Glimåkra looms were, and still are, sold all over the world. In 1980 Glimåkra made a record number of 12,000 looms!

In 1999 GAV bought the loom manufacturing and the right to the brand name from Glimåkra and moved the loom manufacturing to Oxberg, near Mora. With the addition of Glimåkra looms, GAV became one of the world’s most complete manufacturers for the weaving world. GAV has an almost complete range of high quality looms and weaving tools, made in the factory in Oxberg. It is a true one-stop-shop with full control over the whole manufacturing process from the selection of wood and other raw material through the manufacturing to the packaging and delivery.

It is a history and tradition you can rely on for your weaving needs.